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As far as careers are concerned, if music is my life, then aviation is my spirit.  I was incredibly fortunate to have a father who was a Royal Air Force pilot, going on to become a senior Captain with Air Canada.  Some of my earliest recollections involve spending lots of time at Malton Airport (now Toronto/Lester Pearson International Airport) in the hangars and pilot's training/planning rooms.  As a very young child, I remember my father drawing pictures at the kitchen table of wings and explaining how they created lift.  I went on to get my commercial pilot's licence but only flew recreationally as my music career was the priority.  When I moved to Boston in 1996, I had a lot more free time, converted my Canadian licence to FAA licence and started flight instructing at Hanscom Air Force Base in Boston.  Through a dear friend of mine I got the opportunity to fly for a new charter company, Linear Air, based at Hanscom Air Force Base in Concord, Massachusetts.  I have been flying there for 7 years as a contract pilot where I am currently a Captain on the Eclipse 500 Light Jet as well as the Chief Pilot.   

My Aviation Life

My Aviation Life - in Pictures - Click on pic and arrows to view

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