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"Balloon Song"  Recording from album "Michael Farquharson".  Composer - Jaco Pastorius
"Wishing You Were Here"   Recording from album "Michael Farquharson".  Composer - Michael Farquharson
"Koko"  Recording from album "The Arrival".  Composer - Charlie Parker
"Cleo and Joan"  Recording from album "Della by Moonlight".  Composer - Matthew Nicholl (Picollo Bass Solo)
Please click on the play button for a small sample of music if I have worked on over the years.  Many more tracks on the recordings page.
"String Quartet, Movement 3"  From album "Silent Picture" Composer - Michael Farquharson
"Cuete"  Track from the album, "Eclectica Latino".  Composer - Anthony Panacci.  

"First Star" - Composed by Henry Gaffney and Suzanne Dean - Robin McKelle Vocals

"Shine"  Artist - Uga

"Silent Picture"  Track from the album, "Silent Picture".  Composer - Matthew Nicholl

Thank you so much for taking a moment to visit.   I put this together to share my love of music and aviation.  


It is my hope that you can hear and see the passion I have for the music and flying!


I want to thank all of the amazing musicians I have had the privilege of working with for over 4 decades now.  There is a special place in my heart for all those amazing Canadian musicians who I spent 25 years with.  Your patience and inspiration mean so much to me.  We made a lot of great music together!


And my friends in Boston...the same.   19 years of world class music - and counting.  


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